Rubbee 3.0

  • Posted on: 24 November 2015
  • By: Rubbee

Great news !

We are happy to announce that Rubbee became smarter than ever !

The new version 3.0 marks the introduction of a Bluetooth module into the new Rubbee 3.0 units. The Bluetooth connection allows a smartphone application to be used with Rubbee.

What can the application do? Well, lots of things:

  • Multiple support levels. Users can now choose from three different power levels. The support levels can be changed on the go, without even stopping.
  • Battery status. You can clearly see how much juice You've got left in the Rubbee battery pack and plan Your trip accordingly.
  • Power output. Users can now see the real time power output of the Rubbee.
  • Speed. Rubbee can sense Your speed without any additional sensors ! You can also enable the GPS correction for tracking Your speed super accurately using satellites. Don't forget to watch the speed signs though !
  • Geeky data. For those who like to delve deeper into the workings of the product can switch to the second screen for more data. User can see internal temperature, battery pack voltage, total distance traveled with the unit and average speed.

The application is already available for Android phones and will be released for download for all iOS users on December 15th.

Also with the introduction of the 3.0 we offer FREE SHIPPING UNTIL CHRISTMAS within mainland EU.

Don't forget that You can also buy Rubbee directly from our partners. Here is the list of our friends - Where to Buy.

Drop us a line if You have any questions about the brand new 3.0 to or go straight to our e-store !

Rubbee Team.