Spring Special !

  • Posted on: 20 March 2015
  • By: Rubbee

Snow is finally gone and it's time to take our bikes for a refresh before the new riding season. And what could be a better update than making it electric with Rubbee ! Especially when this spring brings a new price and a whole bunch of new features that we came up with during the snowy winter:

• We managed to increase the torque curve to reach 19% more torque when compared to previous versions. Oh yes, hills became even flatter !

• Faster sensor response - a new software update regarding pedelec sensor management allowed us to make power delivery much smoother than before.

• Prolonged battery life - this comes down to how we manage the cells when charging. We have integrated a temperature control algorithm together with a new balancing procedure. This helps to balance the cells faster and to a much higher precision than before. Longevity of the battery - 2000 charge cycles.

• Shipping rates worldwide - we finally managed to get great global prices with major courier delivery services. Also, please make sure to check if there is a local shop near You at our dealers page so You can save on shipping even more !

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Rubbee Team.