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Excited - that's the best word that describes this weeks for us. Rubbee 2.0 units are lining up for packaging and finally shipping out !

First units will leave our manufacturing HQ early next week and little by little we will ship the whole batch to more than 40 countries worldwide.

Oh yes You've guesed it right. That's the very first 2.0 unit that came from our assembly line.

The rest of the units will be finished in about 10 work days and we will finally start shipping the 2.0s !

And that just feels great.

We are excited to share this amazing news with all of You. The Rubbee 2.0 is here. And it's better than ever.

We have not stopped developing our product and we managed to make it better that it ever was. Thanks to our Kickstarter backers in more than 20 countries in the world we were able to learn a bunch of new things by using direct feedback from the users. And here's a list of things we've managed to improve on.

Hey there !

Our Rubbee team had an interesting experience when a customer came in with a limited edition Boyd Coddington's Nirve beach cruiser and wanted to have a Rubbee installed on it. Challenge accepted ! Here is the result. Custom Rubbee with red anodized aluminum parts and a black powder coat paint job. Looks awesome ! For more info about custom units please contact us at

Finally the day has come when we can announce that our first ever full scale production batch of Rubbee units is leaving our factory ! It is a big day for us and we want to thank everybody who helped us to reach this point, hooray ! We are making improvements, ramping up the production speed and from here on out - sky is the limit.